• Tower type of cranes are one type of modernize version crane. These cranes are totally secured with the ground level, or fixed with the walls of super structures.
  • Tower type cranes normally prepared as the most suitable kind of  arrangement of the up lifting capability and the height adjustment, and are most suitable options for the high rise buildings construction.
  • The long boom and the counter-jib are located on the turntable portions. At the time of  suspension of heavy loads by the jib part, the counter-jib also  hold the concrete blocks the counterweights the moment. The tower type crane is operated from a cabin compartment, which is located at the tower peak top, or can be automatically directed by the remote control from the ground level. Electrically operated motors are actually used to move the wire cables through sheaves. The crane operator hooks or unhooks the carrying loads by working in combination with the rigger part. The crane operator and the rigger always use radio satellite contact or hand signals, for the smooth crane operation. In generally, during the construction of high rise buildings, the present height of the tower cranes is considerable points, now due to which a small type crane or a derrick structure is simultaneously used for the disassembly of the tower type crane.