Tectonic Plate Movement

Advance scientific  research is continuing by scientists to get details about the movement of tectonic plates of earth. The movements of these plates are responsible for geological events like earthquakes, volcanoes, formation of mountain, sea floor spreading, change of land shape and nature and island formation. Most action takes place at plate boundaries.

Concept of Plate Tectonic

Advanced concept  of plate tectonics  confirm that the geographical processes that happens due to the movement of earth plates above the earth crust. These plate movement of the earth plates is affected due to its high strength  and low density compared to the different layers. These different earth plates are consists of crust and the outer surface layer of the mantle. Now the crust is also sub-divided into the oceanic crust which is thin and dense, and the continental crust that is comparatively thick and light. Due to rotation of earth the plates moves from change their location with each other. Interchange between the different plates and their movements are responsible for their main geological changes.

Plate Demarcation

Adjacent outline joining location of these plates is known as the boundaries of plates. 

These plates boundaries are generally affected by geological natural phenomena i.e volcanoes, ocean tunnel, earthquakes, and the formation of mountains and islands. Maximum dangerous volcanoes arise along the joints of plate boundaries and plate boundaries which includes the diverging outline which is under tension and forms the ocean ridges. Internal  collision line  is under the compression zone, and the transform pheriphery is existing shearing action. Sudden oceanic crust is formed on that divergent joint line, which causing the destruction of the underneath light continental crust portion. As a result of the momentum of the collision between the earth crusts causes the formation of  hilly mountains and island .

Tectonic Plate  Forces

Thermogenic heat generation from the mantle is considered to be the primary energy source for tectonic plate movements, and the movement of these tectonic plates is promoted due to the difference between densities of the oceanic lithosphere and the asthenosphere. Mainly due to effect of gravitational and frictional forces  movement of the tectonic plates occurs.  Ocean lithosphere is generally less dense compared to the underneath asthenosphere zone. Though, when the lithosphere portion  is cooled and solidified, its density increases and  sinks into the mantle, as a result this  action, or sea floor diverging, provides the principle driving force for the tectonic plate movements. Earthquake terminology conclude  the variable distribution of the mantle density that may be due to the rock structural morphology, or  thermogenic changes due to heat energy generation. The topic of tectonic plate movements and the forces involved is still under research an studies by geologists and  scientists.