Super Sulphated Cement

This cement is manufactured by grinding together a mixture of 80% – 85% of granulated slag , 10% – 15% hard brunt gypsum and about 5% of portland cement clinker.The product is ground finer than OPC, fineness being 400m2/kg.This cement is extensively used in Belgium.

This cement is rather more sensitive to deterioration during storage than Portland cement.

This cement is highly resistant to action of sulphate.Super sulphate cement like high alumina cement, combines with more water on hydration than OPC and wet curing at least for 3 day is necessary  after curing as premature dry out results in an undesirable and powdery surface layer w/c ratio should not be less than 0.5 lower than 1:6(cement :sand) such as 1:7 or 1:8 is also recommended.


  1. In foundations where chemically aggressive conditions exist.
  2. In marine and offshore structure as it is more resistance to attack by sea water.
  3. In manufactured of reinforced concrete pipes to be buried in sulphate bearing soil.