The process of construction of water bound macadam as mentioned below.

After the earth work in cutting and the earth work in embankments have been done properly upto the final road level with gradient and camber as per drawings and proper consolidation of the filling is completed, earth work in box cutting shall be taken in hand.
The box cutting shall be done in such a way that width of cutting is exactly the clear distance between the edging blocks. The depth of cutting shall be the total thickness of soling, metalling etc. The formation shall have the same profile and the camber as per drawings and specifications.If by mistake the box-cutting is made more than required, the worker shall made up the extra depth by metal consolidation, at his own cost.
After the box-cutting is completed, the formation shall be rolled with power roller, maintaining proper gradient and camber, care shall be taken to avoid excessive rolling of the formation.
If after rolling the formation is higher than required, the excess earth shall be removed by carefully cutting & dressing and the formation shall be rolled as specified above. In case after rolling the formation is depressed below the required level, the worker shall
continue the process of filling and rolling as above till the correct levels is attained.
Concrete (1:2:4) edging blocks shall be of size 500(L) x 500(W) x 100(Th.).
After rolling of the box-cutting trenches, the finished depth of cutting shall be minimum and just sufficient to insert the edging blocks. The clear width between the inside faces, of the edging blocks shall be exactly the same as shown on drawing. The inside faces shall be in plumb and the gap between the blocks shall not be more than 10 mm. The edging blocks shall be thoroughly packed with a mixture of local earth and moorum at the outside face.If, after consolidation of stone metal, any portion of the edging is found to be out of the
lines & level, the Contractor shall take out the blocks and relay the same as required.

The soling shall be done with rough laterite-boulders/stone boulders or Jhama Brick bats as approved by the Engineer. The soling materials shall be tough and it shall not flake or crumble when being rolled with power roller. Soling thickness shall not be less than 75 mm or shall not be more than the depth of soling as specified in drawings.The soling shall be laid on its narrowest side closely on the formation, so that minimum voids are left between the adjacent blocks. The filling of bigger voids shall be done by wedging in smaller pieces of stone with hand hammer. The smaller void shall be filled up with blinding materials. The blinding materials shall be sufficient to fill up all voids and produce an even surface after rolling. Excess use of blinding materials shall be avoided.