Primer Painting

Primer painting is important because it ensures a proper adhesion of the actual paint with the surface portion. There are different types of primers i.e oil, latex, and shellac but before application of primer painting, the surfaces of proposed painted area should be properly cleaned , dried and dust free.

Basic of Paint Primer

Primer paint is a primary layer of colour coating which is applied on the proposed surface before the paint. Actually  It ensures  the paint adhesion over the surface prominent, improves the durability and lifetime  of paint, and  extra protection  to the surface  painted area. Primer painting  also fillup the pores over the permeable surface. On proper way of application, primer painting will improve the life of the painted potion, and also enhance the aesthetic appearance.

Primer Application process

Now it is very important  that the primers should  be applied on dry , dust free and clean surfaces of proposed painted portion. The effect of primer can be improved by surfaces  smoothening by a sand paper, and removal of dust with a damp cloth, before the application of primer paint. Completing the final primer paint application, proposed surfaces can be painted after  few days to confirming the proper drying of the primer paint. Necessary safety precaution required to be taken by using mask during application of primer paint , because it may toxic and health hazardous.

Different types of Primer paint

Primer paints  are basically  oil, latex, and shellac based, with each type possessing different ingredient characteristics and application process. The primer paint types are:

  1. Oil Based Primer paint

Oil primers tendency to dry slowly and produce volatile organic compounds on the surface. Inorganic spirits are essential for cleaning and thinning process. The surface pores are filled completely, and a smooth finish surface is achieved. Oil primers are basically used in case of:

○      The existing paint which deteriorated due to the development of cracks, or other decay.

○      Wood surface which is not finished.

○      Wood surface which has been varnished.

○      Wood surface which have a tendency to bleed and swelling.

Resin type Primer

These type of  water soluble primers which are dried in a short time period. Latex type primer pant are extremely suitable for incomplete dry surface walls but they improve the texture and the shine also. It can also permit passage of water evaporation, due to which these are not expected to peel off. It produce a finished surface that resists surface cracks, due to which this category of primer painting is suitable for application over the  soft wood surface. Latex or resin primers are typically used on:

○      Any type masonry works like concrete blocks or any bricks.

○      The galvanized metal surface that has been cleaned up properly.

○      Incomplete dry walls.

Shellac type Primer paint

The dry time of shellac based primers is very fast, and  alcohol liquid is used for cleaning and thinning of surfaces. These primer  performance is very impressive when it is used to stop stains and prevent bleeding of painting surfaces. But due to the bad odour, these are not quite easy for any application. The shellac primer paint are basically used in purpose of:

○      Whenever drying is required urgently on any surface.

○      To covering rust, smoke, and any other marks.