White Washing, Colour Washing :
Preparation of surface :

All surfaces for white washing, colour washing, painting shall be thoroughly  brushed free from mortar droppings and foreign matter and prepared to the satisfaction of Engineer￾in-Charge, before application of the treatment.Before white washing all the nails etc. have to be removed from the walls and all nail or other holes, small depressions or damages in plaster of wall surface shall be filled or repaired to original condition with lime paste. Old surfaces spoiled by smoke and greasy soots shall be sprinkled with surki and water and rubbed with brick bats or steel wire brushes or steel scrapers. The surface shall then the broomed to remove all dust and shall be washed with clean water. Preparation of white wash : The white washing is to be done with 5 parts of stone lime and one part
of shell lime with necessary gum (2 Kg. per Cu.M. of lime) using indigo as necessary and to be mixed as per standard practice.

Preparation of colour wash :

Colour washing shall have a primer of white wash and shall be of shade as approved by the Engineer-in-Charge, sufficient quantity of colour wash enough for complete job shall be prepared in one operation to avoid any difference in shade. Procedure and preparation of the surface shall be same as in white washing.
Application of white wash and colour wash :

The operation for each coat shall consist of four consecutive strokes of the brush, one horizontally from right to left and the next from left to right and the third stroke bottom to upward and the fourth from top to down ward before the previous stroke dries. Each coat shall be allowed to dry before the next coat applied. No portion of the surface shall be left out initially to be patched up later on. The brush shall be dipped in white wash or colour wash, pressed lightly against the wall of the container and then applied by lightly pressing against the surface with full swing of hand. The white wash on ceiling should be done prior to that on walls.