Objective Question of  Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure

  1. At what temperature a mixture of silica, alumina and lime is burnt to produce cement clinkers?

Ans- The mixture of silica , alumina and lime is burnt at a temperature of 1400o -1450o C to obtain cement clinkers.

  1. What are admixture?

Ans- The material which are used in concreteto modify its properties, are called the admixtures.

  1. What is the pH value of water to be used in concrete?

Ans- The pH vaule of water used in concrete shall not be less than 6.

  1. Name of the important factor that affect the strength of concrete?

Ans- Water cement ratio is the main important factor that affects the strength of concrete.

  1. What is slump?

Ans- The vertical settlement of the compacted concrete on removal of the slump cone is called the slump.

  1. What is tremie ?

Ans- A vertical pipe through which concrete is placed at the bottom of water, is called tremie.

  1. What do you mean by limit state?

Ans- The acceptable limit for the safety and serviceability requirements before failure occurs, is called the limit state.

  1. How capacity of a beam determined?

Ans- The load on the beam which causes yielding of steel, determines capacity of beam.

  1. Define a deep simply supported beam?

Ans- A beam is said to be a deep beam when the ratio of its effective span  (L) to overall depth (D) is less than 2.

  1. What are reinforced concrete walls?

Ans- It is basically vertical load bearing members with a greater dimension exceeding four times the least lateral dimension and containing not less than 0.4% of vertical reinforcement, are called reinforced concrete walls.