Epoxy Paint

Epoxy are available at first in a liquid state then it is changed by chemical reaction to a solid state. The main components of epoxy are hardeners and resins.


  • Epoxy are thermosetting polymer compound which is produced from a reaction of a resin with a specific hardener. Epoxy compound is used as an adhesive chemical in different forms such as epoxy primer and epoxy glue. This is typically used for epoxy floors and other decorative application.


  • Thinner is defined as mix of solvent and alcohol used for utilization with the  epoxy coating. It is  evaporates rapidly and prevents sagging condition. The main features of epoxy is  corrosion resistant, highly adhesion, and resistance to chemical reaction. Resin and hardener are mixed in certain quantities to get curing. Quick evaporating thinners are basically used for spraying work to increase the  atomization, and reduce the chances for sagging. Thinners are very much helpful for roller and brush type  work at low temperatures condition as a result the chances of confinement under the drying paint are reduced simultaneously.

Features of Epoxy

Epoxy has some extraordinary features as discussed below:

○      Epoxy based chemical  coatings are typically used due to  exceptional chemical resistance properties, low porosity nature, high durability, and good bond strength.

○      These resin and hardner  elements are blended in a certain ratio as a result heat is generated due to  chemical reaction, and the mixture entire compound is hardened form.

○      The shining effect of epoxies may fade due to exposure condition on sunlight. As such cases additionally latex may be added.

 ○       Epoxies  generally harden within very short time period and high temperatures effect also lower the epoxy viscosity properties, and also decrease the application time of epoxy.

○      To reduce the brittleness and hardness extra additive is added in epoxy but technically also reduce the chemical resistance properties.