• Dry Distempering :
    Dry distemper of approved brand and manufacture shall be used. The shade shall be got approved from the Engineer-in-Charge before application of the distemper.
  • The dry distemper shall be stirred slowly in clean water using 6 deciliters of water per kg. of distemper or as specified by the manufacturer. Warm water shall preferably be used. It shall be allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes (or if practicable over
    night) before use.
  • The mixture shall be well stirred before and during use to maintain an even consistency. Distemper shall not be mixed in larger quantity than is actually required for one day’s work.Before new work is distempered, the surface shall be thoroughly brushed free from mortar droppings and other foreign matter and sand papered smooth.
  • New plaster surface shall be allowed to dry for at least two months, before applying distemper. In the case of old work, all loose pieces and scales shall be removed by sand papering.
  • The surface shall be cleaned of all grease, dirt etc. Pitting in plaster shall be made good with plaster of paris mixed with dry distemper of the colour to be used. The surface shall then be rubbed down again with a fine grade Sand paper and made smooth. A coat of the distemper shall be applied over the patches.
  • The surface shall be allowed to dry thoroughly before the regular coat of distemper is applied. The priming coat of whiting shall be applied and no white washing coat shall be used as a priming coat for distemper.
  • Whiting (ground white chalk) shall be dissolved in sufficient quantity of warm water and thoroughly stirred to form a thin slurry which shall then be screened through a clean coarse cloth, Two kg. of gum and 0.4 kg. of copper sulphate dissolved separately in hot water be added for every Cu.m. of the slurry which shall then be diluted with water to the consistency of milk so as to make as wash ready for use.
  • The treated surface shall be allowed to dry before distemper coat is given. In the case of new work, the treatment shall consist of a priming coat of whiting followed by the application of two or more coats of distemper till the surface shows an even colour.
  • For old work the surface is to be prepared as described above and one or more coats of distemper shall be applied till the surface attains an even colour.
  • The application of each coat shall be as follows: The entire surface shall be coated with the mixture uniformly, with proper distemper brushes (ordinary white wash brushes shall not be allowed) in horizontal strokes followed immediately by vertical ones which together shall constitute one coat.
  • The subsequent coats shall be applied only after the previous coat has dried. The finished surface shall be even and uniform and shall show no brush marks. Enough distemper shall be mixed to finish one room at a time.
  • The application of a coat in each room shall be finished in one operation and no work shall be started in any room, which cannot be completed the same day.
  • After each day’s work, the brushes shall be washed in hot water and hung down to dry. Old brushes which are dirty or caked with distemper shall not be used.