• Damp Proof Courses:
    This shall be laid to specified thickness over walls for the full thickness of the super structure walls. The surface shall be leveled and prepared before laying the cement concrete.
  • Edges of damp proof course shall be straight, even and vertical. Side shuttering shall consist of wooden form and shall bestrong and properly fixed so that it does not get disturbed during compaction and the mortar does not leak through. The concrete mix shall be of workable consistency and shall be tamped thoroughly to make a dense mass. When the sides are removed, the surface should come out smooth without anyhoney-combing.
  • The damp proof course shall be laid continuous and the surface shall be double chequered. Damp proof course shall be cured for at least seven days, after which it shall be allowed to dry. Water proofing materials of approved quality shall be added to concrete mixture in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications starring the quantity for water proofing materials in litres orkg. per 50 kg. of cement and will be paid for separately. Similarly, polymer based paint used under damp proof course as per manufacturer’s specification shall also be paid separately.