Concrete Road and Asphalt Road

Comparatively asphalt roads wear more quickly than concrete roads, but many countries are replacing and constructing concrete roads with asphalt pavement because it is much cheaper, apart from the concrete roads having many advantages. The basic advantages and disadvantages of the different roads are discussed in this section.

Now in a days almost all the new major pavement construction you can notice the use of concrete rather than use of asphalt as a modern trend. But at the same time, some popular highways are still constructing  in asphalt.

Advantages of Concrete Pavement

○      Durable and low maintenance : Concrete pavement have  long service life of  thirty years, whereas asphalt pavement last for maximum ten to twelve years. However, during it’s service life concrete pavement does not require frequent repair, maintenance or patching work like compared to asphalt pavement.

○      Fuel saving from vehicles :  when a vehicle run over a concrete road, it consumes 15-20% less fuel than that on asphalt pavement. It is because of the reason that a concrete road does not get deformed under the wheels of loaded trucks and vehicles.

○      Less Pollution: Asphalt (bitumen)pavement produces lots of highly environment polluting gases at the time of melting bitumen it for pavement construction. Simultaneously low  fuel consumption by the vehicle running on a concrete road surface means less pollution to the environment.

○      Natural resources saving: Basically asphalt (bitumen) is produced from  refining petroleum, the natural reserve of which is becoming reduced from earth excessively. But, cement concrete  is produced from  available limestone.

Disadvantages of Concrete Pavement

○      Cost of Pavement: Cost of the concrete pavement is little bit higher compared to asphalt pavement.

○      Maintenance or road: Whenever the concrete road breaks, the whole concrete slab need to be replaced such cases it is very cost effective.

○      Safety issues: Actually in monsoon  and the winter season vehicles has  chance to slip ,skid or slide on concrete pavement due to rain and snow.

Advantages of Asphalt Pavement

○      Cheap material: Asphalt is still comparatively less costly material compared to concrete material. Also, it takes minimum time to construct a asphalt road than any concrete road.

○      Reusable: Asphalt is reusable material. Bitumen can be used furthermore again and again by melting it.

○      Repair and maintenance: Maintenance or repairing just a portion of the asphalt road is easier than concrete road. Asphalt roads different layer also can be coated or constructed over the old layer.

○      Safety issue: Asphalt roads is much better in sliping resistance and also skid resistance for running vehicles

Disadvantages of Asphalt  Road

○      Strength and Durability: Under heavy rain or water logging condition and other extreme weather conditions easily damage the asphalt road, and the roads need to be repaired frequently compared to concrete road.

○      Environmental Pollution:  Asphalt melting produces generates huge of harmful green house gases which is hazardous for our environment.

After comparison it analyzed that concrete roads are highly tough and durable also more environment eco  friendly as compared to asphalt road. But asphalt pavement construction cost is very less than concrete pavement. Simultaneously, asphalt road provides greater better safety result of the vehicle against sliping and skidding with better frictional resistance.