•  Bricks are main cellular unit of building construction material. Bricks may be made up from clay ,flash or cement concrete.which is known as earthen brickflyash brick and cement concrete brick.
  • Bricks shall be of approved quality of standard specifications, made of good brick earth mould, uniform deep red in colour, cherry or copper colour, thoroughly burnt in kiln (machine made) without being vitrified, regular in shape and size, sound, hard, homogeneous in texture, true to shape and of standard dimension and shall be free form cracks, chips, flaws, stones or humps of any kind and shall not show appreciable signs of efflorescence either dry or subsequent to soaking in water. The size of bricks shall be 93
    / ”x 4
    / ” x 23
    / ” (conventional). 190 x 90 x
    4 4 4
    90 mm (modular).
  • The Bricks shall emit a clear ringing sound on being struck and have minimum crushing strength of 105 kg./ All the bricks which absorb water more than 20% of their own dry weight after 24 hours immersion in cold water shall be rejected.Bricks are generally classified as 1st class, 2 nd class, 3rd class according to compressive strength of brick.