Civil engineering is defined as ancient engineering science. In human civilization after primary demand of food and cloth the simultaneous demand also wake ep i.e shelter.In ancient history human used cave as a shelter from natural calamities and any type of unwanted attack to save their life.Also made the suitable the necessary infrastructure to make life easier, and basic concepts of civil engineering comes from this point of view i.e to make civilization life more easier and healthier than earlier by application of technology.  Before long time ago civil engineering may have commenced between 4000 and 2000 BC in ( ancient Egypt) by massive construction of Pyramid,Nalanda University (Bihar) the Indus Valley Civilization, sumer and Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq).
Any type of Buildings and bridges are the most common type of construction creations of structural engineering. Roads, railways, subway systems,Dock Harbours and airports are designed by transportation engineers,which is another category of civil engineering. Now another old civil engineering discipline is , sanitary and plumbing engineering and known as modern environmental engineering of such special appearence and accepted by academic departments by changing the name i.e environmental engineering. Now in this 2100 century Civil engineering department exists within the public sector from municipal through to Central governments, and in the private domain sector from individual householders through to international/multinational companies.
Civil engineering is an charming and innovative study topic also profession because at the end of the day of your job you can see the results and effects of your completed work, whether this is a large bridge, a high-rise building, a power station, roads, or a hydroelectric generator . The application of civil engineering based on physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of our civilization, and its history is indirectly linked to advances studies of physics and mathematics throughout history. As we know civil engineering is a wide-ranging profession, including various uptrending specialized sub-disciplines, so itis diversified to knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics and other fields.
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 The Roles of Civil And Military Engineer in Ancient Times

Civil Engineering in the 18th – 20th Century

Until  there was no major difference between the terms civil engineering and architecture engineering technology , and they were often used as  interchangeably. It was in the 18th century in all over the world   that the term civil engineering technological concept was firstly used independently from the term military engineering services or military engineering department. It was noticed  also pointed out that the first private college was   built in the United States that included Civil Engineering department as a separate discipline which was situated Norwich University established in the year 1819. Worldwide Civil engineering societies were also  formed in the  United States and European countries during the  time span of 19th century and within just few years, and almost similar type of  institutions were established in other countries of the other part of the world during the 20th century time. The  civil engineering department of American Society of Civil Engineers association is the world  first national engineering society or community in the United States. It was founded in 1852 with the former members related to the worldwide  civil engineering profession located globally. The number of  various universities  all over in the world that include civil engineering department as a discipline have increased tremendously during the 19th and the 20th centuries through all over the world, indicating the importance part of this  modern civil engineering technology.

Modern Concepts In Civil Engineering

Numerous and various type of  technologies have assisted in the advancement of civil engineering ideas  in the modern world concept, including high-tech machineries , selection of   quality materials, test equipment and apparatus, and other sciences and innovations. However, the most important and  prominent contributor in this field is considered to be computer-aided design (CAD) concept and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) system. Civil engineers use this type of technology to achieve an efficient  and hi tech system of construction, including manufacture, fabrication, and erection process. Three-dimensional design software based analysis  is an essential process and important tool or method for the civil engineer community that facilitates him in the efficient designing of bridges, tall buildings, and other huge complicated structures.